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Founded to serve our customers.

Realgy Energy Services was founded by individuals who worked for many years with large utilities, energy service companies and energy marketers. Within these organizations they saw bureaucracy, the limitation of systems and software that prevented individuals from doing their job. They set about to be different.

Realgy Energy Services is the fastest growing registered energy manager because we provide service and savings to our customers. Two characteristics have set us apart. First, Realgy Energy Services has invested in information technology that enables us to use our energy knowledge. Second, is our ability to develop, negotiate and implement energy strategies.

Our energy services are all available in-house and customized to serve our clients in;

  • Minimizing the cost and management of energy purchases
  • Executing risk management and hedging strategies
  • Operating with economies of scale in purchasing
  • Utilizing market knowledge and proprietary information services
  • Enabling the consolidation of purchasing and invoicing for all facilities

Why Realgy Energy Services is hired.

  • Realgy Energy Services is composed of energy professionals that are dedicated to high standards of professionalism, integrity and courtesy. Energy management is are only business.
  • Savings. Flexible purchasing strategies, integrated technology and low overhead all reduce our costs and provide additional savings for our customers.
  • Innovation. With our knowledge and experience we are constantly leading in the development and deployment of technology and services to keep our clients successful.
  • Personally committed. We will understand your goals and objectives for your business and how your energy needs support them. Energy management is our only business, allowing our clients to focus on their core business.

Accomplishments and Milestones

  • Realgy is founded in 1998. Over 65 years of energy experience on staff
  • Realgy sells its first retail energy transaction system; RealgyView.
  • Realgy enables its first natural gas energy sale.
  • Realgy enables its first electricity energy sale.

Realgy Energy Services is certified and licensed with NIPSCO. Realgy supplies credit arrangement to secure its obligations. Contact John Caldwell, Manager Alternative Pricing Strategies, Marketing
(219) 853-5601

Realgy Energy Services operational capability includes; the purchase and management of 50,000 forward deal months of natural gas products, across 10 states, 35 distribution companies and 17 wholesale trading regions.

Energy sales revenue growth

  • 1998 - $1,300,000
  • 1999 - $25,800,000
  • 2000 - $92,000.000
  • 2001 - $185,000,000
  • 2002 - $298,000,000

TPC is hired as our gas originator. Credit agreements are in place for Realgy to buy all its gas needs. Energy USA-TPC is a subsidiary of NISource. Additional information about Energy USA-TPC can be reached at http://www.nisource.com/subs/index.asp.

IN Energy Services, Inc. is a retail energy sales company specializing in serving businesses utility needs; including energy and telecommunications.

Realgy Energy Services is a wholly owned subsidiary of Realgy, LLC.
IN Energy Services, Inc. exclusive sales and marketing group.


Increased profit. The only reason our customers use RealgyView™; a proposal management system for retail natural gas and electricity. RealgyView™ is a Internet based proposal-generator system.
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Customize LDC and Supplier costs according to your needs. RealgyView™ does the rest.
RealgyAnalysis provides comprehensive energy management solutions.
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