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Expert Analysis. Fast and Complete.
RealgyAnalysis was created to give you the tools to provide comprehensive cost analyses on your clients' energy consumption and costs. It isn't just a one-time tool but the basis for ongoing cost-controls and energy purchase strategies.

Managing Energy Requires Mastering Data.
Collecting, organizing, analyzing and distributing energy data is a challenge to the expert and the energy user.

RealgyAnalysis is a powerful online database that creates utility information from using only a client’s usage and RealgyAnalysis' rate-ready electric and natural gas rate models. Building a client’s profile is easy using our exclusive tariff analysis. With a profile in place, the client's usage is entered each billing period (up to 36 months of historical rate information is available) or electronically uploaded.

Using RealgyAnalysis you can create quick and conclusive analyses of your clients' data online. You can deliver the results of these analyses as printed reports, complete with a title page, glossary, and cost comparison or post to RealgyOffice™ for a self-service option.

Standardized reports include:

  • cost of service;
  • alternative service rate cost (best-rate analysis);
  • bill audits;
  • cost-to-beat analysis;
  • forward rate analysis;
  • forecast analysis; and
  • RFP profile.

RealgyAnalysis even provides you with outcome-dependent statements that quantify the results of the report. These clearly identify savings opportunities for each of your clients and show a forecast of future costs based upon technical factors and client parameters.

Your clients depend on you to help them get the best energy solutions. Use RealgyAnalysis to help you quickly and accurately pinpoint your clients' best energy opportunities.

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Customize LDC and Supplier costs according to your needs. RealgyView™ does the rest.
RealgyAnalysis provides comprehensive energy data analysis.
  • Fast, online analysis
  • Identifies savings
  • Online or printed reports
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