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Realgy Energy Services will save your company money on its energy purchase year-in and year-out. By using RealgyOffice™, you will be able to stay informed of your energy decisions that will position your company's success and increase your bottom line!

RelagyOffice is an internet-based data analysis system integrated with the advice and guidance of seasoned energy professionals.

RealgyOffice helps you:

  • Analyze, audit and aggregate your energy data
  • Service all your accounts
  • Efficiently handle data and documents and payments
  • Forecast, benchmark, and be confident in your energy decisions

The result allows you to be proactive in you energy strategies, rather than being reactive to market conditions.

Energy Module can assist you with your electricity, natural gas, propane and oil accounts.

Please call 877.431.8527 or contact us to discover how Realgy can serve you.



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Customize LDC and Supplier costs according to your needs. RealgyView™ does the rest.
RealgyAnalysis provides comprehensive energy management solutions.
  • Lower cost procurement
  • Efficient data handling
  • Eliminated paperwork
  • On-line file management
  • Electronic bill payment/ authorization
  • Data linked with accounting
  • Energy budget accountability
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