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The SDK is available on CD-ROM and can be shipped immediately. The pricing is a function of the user license.

Please review the terms and conditions of the following user licenses. The legal document and quick summary of each are provided. Identify which user license agreement can meet your requirements. Please contact us with your user requirements needs and we can provide you with the price and delivery options.
Agreement A
Single Site, Internal Use (including Intranet)
Agreement B
Multi Site, External Commercial Product Use (including Internet)
Agreement C
Multi Site, No Commercial Products, Internal and External Use (including Internet)


Increased profit. The only reason our customers use RealgyView™; a proposal management system for retail natural gas and electricity. RealgyView™ is a Internet based proposal-generator system.

Jobs Database
Customize LDC and Supplier costs according to your needs. RealgyView™ does the rest.
RealgyAnalysis provides comprehensive energy management solutions.
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