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Realgy is proud of its relationship with Bentek Energy Technologies, LLC. Bentek's Rateminer program has been the benchmark in providing up-to-date tariff information in the natural gas energy market since 1991.

Realgy has created a software developers kit (SDK) to access the Rateminer data. With the SDK you can create user interfaces, customize the Rateminer data to your operations, and create personalized solutions. If you have an IT department, a relationship with an outside software vendor(s), or are under a comprehensive service agreement for a proprietary software system, you may want to consider purchasing the Rateminer SDK. For a demonstration of the SDK follow the SDK Demonstration link.

To envision how Realgy can enable energy transaction in your business or assist in improving efficiency in your energy transactions please review our services at Realgy Services.


Increased profit. The only reason our customers use RealgyView™; a proposal management system for retail natural gas and electricity. RealgyView™ is a Internet based proposal-generator system.

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Customize LDC and Supplier costs according to your needs. RealgyView™ does the rest.
RealgyAnalysis provides comprehensive energy management solutions.
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