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We've spent years managing the purchase, sale, and movement of energy Ė put our experience and capabilities to work in serving your energy needs.

Energy Management means more than just executing trades and sending out bills. We built the systems that allow us to accurately track market intelligence, handle orders, plan your account, monitoring volumes, and track costs Ė and these are just a few of the activities that make up Realgy Energy Services Energy Management Services. Realgy Energy Services can assist in finding services that are most economical for your company. You get regular account reports to help you make informed decisions quickly. Working together, we are dedicated to minimizing your company's energy usage and reducing the associated administrative burden.

Energy Information Services
Realgy Energy Services Energy Management Services has the goal of keeping our customers well informed as to the energy dynamics affect on their business. We submit detailed account management reports to each facility we manage. Full color graphs allow the reader to quickly analyze account information and strategies and help pinpoint operational inefficiencies. Our standard reports include monthly detail and year-to-date summaries of deliveries, usage, prices and variances for cash-outs, load profiles, storage levels as well as storage costs.

Our Information Service produces numerous reports which include the following:

  • NYMEX Natural Gas Daily Settlement
  • NYMEX Fuel Oil Daily Settlement
  • NYMEX Propane Daily Settlement
  • Natural Gas Technical Factors
  • Fuel Oil Technical Factors
  • Energy MarketUpdateTM
  • Fuel Oil Technical Factors
  • Propane Technical Factors
  • Performance Report
  • Energy Weather

Our customers can receive any Information Serviceís reports. t that includes commodity cost information and is compared to budget and other published industry benchmarks to measure Realgy Energy Services price performance and give the Customer hard data for future price decision making. EMS also provides all current customers with a monthly newsletter that covers current subjects of interest in the gas and electricity industries as well as pricing and weather. Additional reports containing current NYMEX contract settlements, five-day weather forecasts, and gas storage information is sent to our Customers daily.

Supply Aggregation / Marketing
Realgy Energy Services Energy Management Services has successfully conducted programs for securing supply and remarketing supply with third parties as required. The program is flexible enough to conduct the procurement/sales process on a monthly, annual or multi-month, multi-year basis. Realgy Energy Services also provides supply backstopping and excess supply remarketing services to ensure uninterrupted flow of our customerís supply streams.

Operations and Balancing
Realgy Energy Services will manage the daily energy operational needs of your facility. Realgy Energy Services acts as the Customer's liaison between third parties involved with the procurement and transportation of energy. Realgy Energy Services will work to modify energy deliveries to promote compliance with any LDC or transmission company operating terms. Your energy supply can be nominated and tracked from wellhead to plant gate utilizing the latest technology. This service provides an outsourcing service with respect to daily nominating and balancing activities on transmission systems, translating into reduced customer G&A costs and provides "Economy of Scale" efficiencies and skill sets. Services provided include:

  • All personnel and facility resources to manage and administrate all energy nominations, dispatching, balancing and control requirements for the designated Customer Facilities;
  • Written and verbal communication with third party personnel pertaining to the designated third party agreements;
  • Monitoring and confirmation of supply and market requirements at designated receipt/delivery points;
  • Maintenance of all volumes and energy amounts for Customer within the contractual provisions and tariff tolerances under Customerís designated third party agreements for the purpose of avoiding penalties;
  • Market energy in excess to Customerís firm market commitments in order avoid production shut-ins and transportation penalties.

Consolidated Billing
Where Realgy Energy Services is able to obtain an agency arrangement for the customer, we can accumulate transportation, storage, LDC bills, and any optional services, and provide one monthly invoice to you.


Performance Management
Monitor the performance of your energy suppliers, anywhere and with every invoice.

Energy Management
More than just executing trades and sending out bills.

We say what we mean and do it.

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