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Improving Infrastructure by …Finding a better way.

Internal competition for capital funding leads many companies to choose investment in production-related improvements over infrastructure improvements. This is because infrastructure improvements typically don't meet an acceptable internal hurdle rate.

At Realgy Energy Services, we can identify, develop, implement and finance these energy infrastructure needs. Our clients can also go a step further and transfer project ownership, operations and maintenance risks to Realgy Energy Services.

Realgy Energy Services offers Performance Contracting utilizing the cost savings from effective energy purchasing and energy conservation. Implementing energy related capital improvements can be accomplished with no initial owner investment.

Energy conservation retrofits can be funded entirely from the resulting savings in energy cost. The project costs are paid solely from the reduction in your energy costs realized by the project. The annual savings accrue long after the project costs are retired. In many cases the energy reduction results in cash flow beyond that required to repay the project costs.

The key benefits of Performance Contracts include:

  • No initial capital investment by owner
  • New, efficient and warranted equipment
  • Retrofit projects are self financing via energy cost reduction
  • Payment to Control Solutions is based solely on energy cost reduction
  • Performance Contract type is structured on balance sheet and taxation

An energy services contract is a self financing retrofit project that allows the building owner to implement capital improvements, improve building comfort and indoor air quality, reduce maintenance liability, and receive positive cash flow, all with no initial capital investment.

We encourage you to contact us to learn more, and so we can learn more about you.


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Performance Contracting, improving infrastructure by finding a better way.

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