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For your Electric, Gas, Propane and Oil –

   1.   Have you overpaid in the past for energy?  Are you currently?

   2.   Are you paying the lowest rate applicable to your organization?

   3.   Is it possible to get a better deal from your regulated utility company?

Your answers to these questions are important. Deregulation and other changes in the energy markets have sent prices soaring and greatly complicated billing. Our industry experts will scrutinize your accounts -- from regulated and deregulated providers -- for errors and irregularities. We will work to recover any applicable funds retroactively as well as complete the necessary measures to put you on the most advantageous tariff rate going forward. Realgy Energy Services will continue to monitor your accounts in the future -- to confirm all changes have been implemented and identify new opportunities as they arise.
  Realgy Energy Services answers these questions in Dollars$.
  The best way to offset some of these errors, irregularities, and price increases is to have your accounts audited to ensure you are paying the lowest cost for your service.

Realgy Energy Services Performance Management Services are designed to monitor your energy usage and the performance of your energy suppliers.

The following Performance Management services are available;

Billing Audit

Relying on the utility, supplier or transporter to invoice you without verifying compliance introduces numerous opportunities to overpay.

Reduce your company's Electric, Gas, Propane and Oil bills and allow Realgy Energy Services to:

  • Confirm the accuracy of your company's bills.
  • Review past billings for refunds and overcharges.
  • Audit both commodity and transportation expenses incurred where you have selected deregulated services, to confirm the accuracy of your bills and to secure the best deal possible.
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Best Rate Analysis

Many utilities will have over 8 transportation rates.  Some have more than 20!  The costs between these rates can vary by more than 70%; however, the requirements can vary by less than 22%.

Realgy Energy Services's Best Rate Analysis will help your company:

  • Understand your operations and usage to ensure you receive the most beneficial rate
  • Review necessary changes to receive service under an alternative rate
  • Continuously monitor the opportunity based upon utility filing with the state’s utility commission
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Energy Purchasing Review

Sometimes looking backward can reveal a lot about where we have been. When applied to energy purchases trend analysis can be very powerful.

Energy purchases can be optimized. Changes in such areas as; operations, weather and economic conditions will directly influence your energy usage. Your energy purchase plan must accommodate and should anticipate the impact of changes to each of these factors.

  • Historical usage review
  • Trend analysis over past purchases
  • Forecast and correlation of energy usage influences
  • Creation of an energy purchase plan with conservation and aggressive options
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