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"It is one of the most beautiful compensations of life that no man can sincerely try to help another without helping himself."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Receiving a referral is the greatest of compliments and deserves more than our gratitude. Having earned your recommendation, we will strive to be of service to your customers.

Your referral reduces our cost of sales. Therefore, we will pay you a marketing fee for every new customer.

So Why Should You Join?

    • Signing up is free.
    • You receive a referral fee of $.003/Therm for each new business referral sold, this translates into revenue of $150-$200 / year for a typical business
    • You refer, we sell. Send us a list of your customers, we'll enroll them into our system under your affiliation, a Realgy Account Manager will contact them and you can track thier progress on-line
    • We make it simple to attach links/banners to your site
    • We provide you marketing brochures to handout to your clients. We will even co-brand with you
    • We look after all clients coming to us from an affiliate in a prompt, efficient and courteous manner so this affiliation will enhance your business
    • We pay out marketing fess promptly - every month and provide an accounting of your commission earned

A typical business providing 100 referrals earns over $25,000/year.
SO GET STARTED. Fill out our application form NOW!!
And we will get you in the program as quickly as possible.

To be considered for inclusion into our referral network please read our referral agreement then print it out and return it to us and we'll get you started. If have any questions, please Contact Us.

To send us a single lead use the; Lead Referral Form.

If you have a number of referrals to send, please use the Lead Referral Upload Spreadsheet. The Lead Referral Upload uses Microsoft Excel spreadsheets will transfer them easily and have them upload and assigned to a Realgy Account Manager today!


We will reward you in two distinct ways:

1. You will know that Realgy is serving your clients with our unmatched commitment to service.
2. You will receive referral payments from Realgy.

Upon receipt of the signed Agreement we will almost immediately email a variety of links / banners for you to choose from and to place on your web site. The email will also include easy to follow instructions for placing the banners, links on your site with instructions for how to link them to our site.

Our Experience
Executive decisions, especially during changing times, comes from our depth of experience.

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