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The ability to act and make decisions, especially during changing times, comes from one's depth of experience. Realgy Energy Services is a business built and run by employees who have spent a career working at their discipline within the energy industry.

The following links will provide a glimpse into the people who will work for you.

Executive Management & Partners
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Email address
Michael Vrtis Managing Partner michael.vrtis@realgy.com
Doug Gugino Vice President, Natural Gas Operations doug.gugino@realgy.com
John Bistranin Director, Utility Services john.bistranin@realgy.com
Peggy Grant Director, Customer Service peggygrant@realgy.com
Nancy Close Graphic Design, Web Services nclose@realgy.com
Energy USA-TPC A Midwest based supplier  

Sales: 877-714-1439

Realgy Energy Services
1100 New Britain Avenue
Suite 15
West Hartford, CT 06002

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Our People and Partners
Effective in delivering critical services requires expertise and relationships. Realgy Energy Services and its partners deliver.

Our Experience
Executive decisions, especially during changing times, comes from our depth of experience.

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