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Our performance is measured by our customers success.

Delivery Service

Realgy Energy Services guarantees that you will have exactly the same level of reliability or better as you have now with you local utility company. Realgy Energy Services and its suppliers will pay the costs incurred by our customers in receiving alternative energy service, should an unplanned energy outage (interruption of our energy delivery to your local utility company) result solely from our service. Realgy Energy Services and its suppliers can only control the delivery of gas to the local utility company. A disruption by the local utility company can affect the delivery of your natural gas.


Low Price

Both state-of-the art technology and calculated design of the Realgy Energy Services site ensure that your confidential account information is accessible only to you and Realgy Energy Services. If you have an offer for burner-tip service that you feel is lower --- we'll match it. In addition we'll provide you with one of our exclusive Service Plans. Contact us. Send us the offer. We'll match it or beat it and send you an offer for the appropriate Service Plan for your business.


Savings Analysis

As part of Realgy Energy Services, we offer you a free Proposal Analysis. The Proposal Analysis compares the cost of receiving your natural gas from the local utility company and Realgy Energy Services. You rely on this comparison and so do we. If our Proposal Analysis does not reflect your actual cost for your natural gas consumption we want to know. We guarantee the accuracy of our savings analysis.* If Realgy Energy Services savings analysis does not accurately calculate the local utility companies cost we will credit your account the difference for each month we were not accurate. Payment will be credited to your account. * The Proposal Analysis accuracy must exceed 2.5% of the proposal's total cost.


State and Local Utility Registration

Lawmakers are carefully protecting consumers as the natural gas industry implements restructuring itself from a regulated monopoly to a competitive service. They have imposed strict requirements and rules on new electricity providers. At Realgy Energy Services, we take consumer protection very seriously and provide you with protection - beyond what the law requires - at every step of the way. Realgy Energy Services, like other companies selling to industrial, commercial and business customers, must be: · Registered with the Public Utilities Commission or local utility · Approved by the Public Utility Commission or local utility· Financial guarantees are provided to the public Utility Commission of local utility· Customer service is demonstrated · You have the right to file a complaint against your supplier with the Public Utilities Commission or local utility· Any company violating the rules will have its registration revoked and will no longer be allowed to sellRealgy Energy Services further guarantees the performance of all its suppliers.



Performance Management
Monitor the performance of your energy suppliers, anywhere and with every invoice.

Energy Management
More than just executing trades and sending out bills.

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