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Connecting Data to Information™

Realgy Knows Utility Data
Realgy maintains a powerful database for web-based tariff analysis, rate-model creation and document storage that spans electric, natural gas, water and steam utilities nationwide and in Canada.

A partial list of our Tariff Library is available here.

Every tariff rate, rider, option, surcharge, and operational requirement approved for utilities to deliver and/or sell is captured, continuously monitored and presented in an easy-to-understand, easy-to-use format.

With Realgy’s Utility Information Services, you turn your client’s data into actionable information. A proven path to saving clients money and offering value-added services.

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For more information, please call 1.877.431.8527.

We are please to offer a selection of news releases about findings from our Utility Information Services. Each news release identifies a specific advantage that energy marketers can capitalize on. The following opens a PDF file of the news release.

NSTAR: Tax Savings Available for Third Party Suppliers

Additional information on any news item may be received by calling John Bistranin at: 303.908.6011.


Increased profit. The only reason our customers use RealgyView™; a proposal management system for retail natural gas and electricity. RealgyView™ is a Internet based proposal-generator system.

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Customize LDC and Supplier costs according to your needs. RealgyView™ does the rest.
RealgyAnalysis provides comprehensive energy management solutions.
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