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Realgy has created a software developers kit (SDK) for supplying its clients with the ability to customize and implement Tariff Analysis Data into their existing applications or new software development projects.

The SDK can be used to integrate Tariff Analysis Data into new/existing software development or to update existing legacy software systems.
  • 12 month forecast of future LDC tariff charges
  • 12 month entry of city gate delivered pricing
  • Up to 36 month price comparison (difference between LDC sales tariff and selected transportation tariff utilizing city gate delivered price) utilizing the 12 month forecast and 12 month burner-tip pricing.
  • User questions to attach riders, appropriate taxes, balancing pools and billing questions etc. to the selected tariffs (to ensure accuracy in the pricing comparison).
  • Tariff service requirements
  • Analysis of each State utility commission approved tariff. Plain language summary provided.
  • LDC tariff model.
  • LDC taxing information and contact reference.
  • LDC verification and marketing requirements.


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